2021 Re-Opening Update

Effective August 20, 2021, San Francisco Senior Center will be requiring proof of Covid vaccine to enter the Center for programs, services, and meals. This is a requirement mandated by San Francisco Mayor London Breed and San Francisco Director of Health, Dr. Colfax.


You may show proof of vaccine by showing your vaccine card, a photocopy of your card, a photo of your card or a digital vaccine card.

Digital vaccine cards issued by the State of California (available by going to https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov) can be used as proof of vaccination status.


In addition, the following companies provide digital vaccine cards approved for use by San Francisco businesses:

• CLEAR HealthPass

• CommonPass (businesses using this must also check against a photo ID)

• VaxYes (using their level 2 verification)


Fully vaccinated means that you have had 2 shots of either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine at least 2 weeks ago or 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least 2 weeks ago.


If you need help getting a vaccine, please let us know so that we can assist you.

If you are not vaccinated you are still able to participate in Senior Center programs and services online through Zoom or by phone and access Project Open Hand meals for take-out, but you cannot come into the Center without proof of a vaccine.


Call: 415-771-7950 Email: sfseniorcenter@sequoialiving.org for more information or assistance.

2021 Re-Opening

On Tuesday, June 1 and Monday, June 14 respectively, we will begin the process of re-opening and returning to the Downtown and Aquatic Park Senior Centers.


The quarantine, now over a year long, has been a difficult time for all of us physically, mentally and emotionally. We hope that the re-opening of the centers will begin to bring back at least some sense of normalcy to the lives of both participants and staff.


As much as we all feel like running to the front doors and flinging them wide open, shouting to the world “Welcome Home, Come on in”, our re-opening plan will be taking a much less dramatic and perhaps less entertaining course.


First, to ease some minds and ensure everyone that there will be an official protocol for all of our decisions, we will be following guidelines specifically created for the re-opening of senior centers that have been laid out by the CDC, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services. Additional operational guidelines have also been set for us by the National Park Service and our parent organization, Sequoia Living.


At our initial June dates, our centers will be allowed to operate at 25% capacity.  Sparing everyone a tedious numbers crunch–type explanation, what this essentially means is that we will be taking this first step of re-opening very slowly with only a few select classes or events a day that can be safely presented in adequately ventilated rooms with socially distanced seating for the folks who attend.


As we move forward with each tier of opening, the next being a 50% capacity of operation, we will be able to add back more of our old favorites to the schedule and welcome more participants back into the building. We look forward to the day when we can be back with a full roster of classes and rooms full of happy people.


Here are a few noteworthy topics with a “more to come” quality to them.


  • First, yes, every person entering the buildings must wear a mask and keep it on, covering both nose and mouth while they are in each of the facilities. There will be no exceptions. Each center will maintain a supply of extra masks, hand sanitizer and other health safety items.

  • Consuming food or beverages will not be allowed in the buildings except for water.

  • During the first tier of re-opening, bathrooms and elevators will be single-use only.

  • We will use a “reservation system” for the classes that will be presented at each site. Only those folks with reservations will be able to access the buildings. There will be a check-in station located at the front door of each site. Entry at the Aquatic Park Senior Center will be limited to the main entrance at 890 Beach Street.

  • The live lunch service provided by Project Open Hand will not resume until later in the year. Frozen take-away meals are currently being provided at the Downtown center, and we are hoping to provide frozen take-away meals to those who can benefit by them at the Aquatic Park center.


Both centers will resume onsite in-person social services and ADRC services by appointment.


The bulk of our current remote Zoom and telephone schedule of classes will remain. As we continue to transition back to in-person classes, we plan on keeping a handful of remote classes as well as a selection of “hybrid” classes, that is, in-person classes at the centers that can also be accessed remotely.


If you’d like to know more or have further questions about our re-opening process, please feel free to contact the Program Supervisors for each site.


SFSC – Downtown: Susan Razvaliaeff  at:  srazvaliaeff@sequoialiving.org

SFSC – Aquatic Park: Frank Mitchell at:  fmitchell@sequoialiving.org


Stay tuned for more! Thank you.