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Gail Grynbaum

Gail was a Jungian analyst for over 30 years and a Doctor of Philosophy. She was a regular participant in many of the Center’s workshops and presentations and could always be found doing Qi Gong, creating art in Ceramics, or enjoying an afternoon of Mahjong with other members. Gail was open-hearted and loving and was always ready to volunteer when the Center needed help.


Catherine England

Catherine attended the Downtown Center for 25+ years.  She was an avid Giants fan and attended many programs at the center over the years.  As she became frailer her friend John Trautman accompanied her to/from the center.  There were others who often looked after her once she was at the center - thanks to Lisa Hill who often made sure Catherine had a lunch meal and to Nelson, our security guard, who was always available to safely walk her to a waiting taxi at the curbside. She passed away in 2020.


Claudia Lee

Claudia was a member, volunteer, and donor to the Downtown Center. Her translation skills helped with the participation of Chinese members. She also helped with many fundraisers and special events. Claudia and her family had a high social status in China. The family fled China and left behind their life in a mansion, vacations in their summer villa, and each child had their own nanny. Claudia, along with her husband, worked hard and raised three successful children. She made many contributions to the center. We will miss her thoughtfulness to everyone; and her giving of herself with grace and style. Claudia passed away in 2020.


Oscar Rimoldi

On September 26, 2020, we lost one of our longtime instructors, Professor Oscar Rimoldi. Beloved by his class and the Center staff, he taught Advanced Italian for the better part of 25 years at Aquatic Park. It’s obvious how much he loved teaching; long after he should have “retired” and taken some time for himself, he was still at the Center presenting his classes. When the Professor could no longer drive, his students would pick him up and drive him to the Center, he’d give his lessons and then be returned home. A fond relationship with his students and a love of teaching is the hallmark of what we will always remember about this gentleman.


Joe Brown

Joe lived a few doors down from the Downtown Center and frequently attended the meal program.  His greetings were accompanied with a bright smile. He often sat near the lobby area quietly observing the comings and goings of center participants. He passed away in 2020.


Phil Melnick

Phil was an active participant at Downtown Center.  He participated in the meal program, line dancing class, special events and the Art With Elders (AWE) program.  His photo is featured on the back of AWE’s 2021 calendar. He was also a great ballroom dancer.  He had wry sense of humor and often posted his artwork on the center’s bulletin board.  Phil passed away in 2020.

Remembering those who touched our lives.


Debbie Marinoff


Robert Moore


Joyce Frankenberg

Everyone knew when Robert was at the center!  He had the gift of gab and was more than happy to discuss current events.  If you wanted to know what was happening in San Francisco politics, Robert was the go-to person.  He attended the meal programs (breakfast and lunch) and was a well-known figure at other Tenderloin agencies.   We will remember his laugh and smile.  Robert passed away this year.

Joyce was a longtime member of the Center who passed away in January of 2021. A dedicated participant in Always Active, she kept herself active at Aquatic Park and in the community as a volunteer planner and fundraiser for a number of organizations that included the symphony, the parks, and any number of causes that were meant to add a touch of beauty to people’s lives. She was a graduate of the first class of “City Guides” and enjoyed giving tours throughout the city.

Talk about style - Debbie had it and more!  We think red was her favorite color as she always wore her signature red top hat.  Debbie came to the center daily. She attended our meal and Senior Vitality program and special events. She often commented how the center kept her connected to others.  She really did feel a part of the center community. She will be missed by her circle of friends she often sat with during lunch.  Debbie passed away in 2021.

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Anthony Torres

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Mary Alice Stevenson

Art critic, curator, ceramic artist, passed in San Francisco May 3. An independent curator with an exceptional eye, he earned a Masters in Art Education from Ohio State and History of Consciousness from UC Santa Cruz, and taught classes in art history, art education, and Chicano studies. His critical reviews were published in New Art Examiner, Artweek, WhiteHot, New Fillmore, El Tecolote, others. An invited speaker on Marxian aesthetics at conferences in Amsterdam, Havana, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and other cities. His strong will sustained him through a daunting struggle with cancer. He was a well loved, well respected member of the Aquatic Park Ceramics group.

Mary Alice was an icon of the SFSC community. She was the devoted Director of the Downtown Center for over 20 years and cared deeply for each and every participant. She knew literally everyone by name, and for many, knew their birthday and address, down to the room number! She tailored her provision of service to each individual, caring deeply about the stories that made each individual unique. After retirement, Mary Alice stayed on to volunteer at the Downtown Center, hosting the monthly birthday celebrations. It was a delight to our long-time participants to greet her each month. Her first love was for the Chinese dancers and singers who performed at the center and for the birthday celebrations. Mary Alice organized and encouraged these events with love and care. 

Many of us encountered her extraordinary care and devotion over these many years. She will be greatly missed! Thank you Mary Alice for all you did for so many!