San Francisco Senior Center (SFSC) offers powerful programs and outstanding opportunities for close to 2,000 seniors each year at two locations, the Aquatic Park location and the Downtown location. SFSC programs and services include lifelong learning, diverse fitness programs and health promotion, daily hot nutritious lunches, and technology support. Our two centers integrate all programming with a goal of achieving well-being.

Living Well, Aging Well


The purpose of Living Well, Aging Well at the SFSC’s Aquatic Park and Downtown Centers is to better support people 50+ and adults with disabilities in seeking and finding their own pathways to living well as they age and to live independently by providing them with an integrated system of services and resources.




Living Well, Aging Well uses an innovative approach co-created by participants and staff to improve services to people coming to the SFSC’s two centers. Participants are engaged in a self-directed process to assess their own needs and interests related to multiple dimensions of well-being (i.e., physical, educational, cultural, social, spiritual, nutritional, and environmental), choose activities to pursue at SFSC, set goals, and track their progress.


Goal and Objectives




To aid SFSC’s 50+ population and adults with disabilities in improving their sense of well-being as they age.




1.  Develop a safe and welcoming environment for participants to set goals by sharing their personal stories, expressing their interesting and needs, and seeking guidance about options to pursue at SFSC.

2.  Increase participants’ sense of trust and belonging.

3. Decrease participants’ sense of isolation.

4. Increase participants’ knowledge of the multiple dimensions of health and well-being and the many pathways to living well.

5. Increase participants’ motivation to participate in SFSC activities, as well as their confidence and satisfaction in participation.

6. Encourage commitment to physical exercise and fitness.

7. Improve understanding and management of chronic health challenges.

8. Develop a model that other senior centers and senior-serving agencies are encouraged to adopt.




An Innovative Framework: A Front-line, Action-oriented, Person-centered Approach. (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Benjamin, LM & Campbell, DC, Spring 2014, 12:2 42-47).


·         Relationship building work—Staff members build relationships with participants to learn their challenges and aspirations.

·         Adjustment work—Staff members adjust their approach based on participants changing   goals, needs, and circumstances.

·         Co-determination work—Staff members work with participants to sort through several courses of action, but participants determine their own course. Both participants and staff assess progress and challenges.

·         Linking work—Staff members connect participants with resources at SFSC and in the community.


      Aging and Disability Resource Centers

(ADRC) of San Francisco

The Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) funds the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), with 12 locations conveniently located throughout San Francisco. Supervision of the 12 ADRC sites is provided by the Institute on Aging.

The ADRC provides Information and Assistance services in various languages. It is recommended to call each site to determine which one has the language you are looking for. Languages included, but are not limited to: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Toishanese, Russian, Samoan, and American Sign Language. These services are provided to Seniors age 60 and above, as well as younger people with disabilities age 18+.

The ADRC serves as a one-stop shop for community members to find assistance in accessing services and resources. The ADRC provides consumers with information so they will be more aware of their rights and assist community members to remain living independently in the community.

The ADRC will work closely with the DAAS Integrated Intake Unit and other San Francisco organizations to provide more efficient information and referral services to older adults as well as younger adults with disabilities.

You can receive these services at both 890 Beach St. and 481 O'Farrell From 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday.


Exercising and Health:

  • Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong (deep breathing technique) 

  • Gardening and Walking Group

  • Rowing

  • Dancing

  • A variety of other inspiring health and fitness classes

  • Nutritious low-cost hot lunch program

  • Social Work Services (counseling and resources)

Art Classes in:

  • Ceramics

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Creative Writing


  • AP Life Story Center

  • Languages classes in Italian 

  • Computer Learning Center

  • Opera Appreciation, Choral Singing, Chinese Fan Dancing, Chinese Chorus

  • Tax preparation assistance (provided annually by AARP volunteers)

  • Assistance with Social Security, SSI, and Medicare


  • Bridge, Bingo, Table Games (such as Mahjong, Ping Pong, and Billiards)

  • Social Dancing

  • Gardening and Walking Group

  • Movies and Film Appreciation

  • Discussion and Support Groups (such as Current Events Forum)

  • Outreach to seniors who are Chinese (Downtown)