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Information & Referral Assistance

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

ADRC specialists provide free services for adults age 60+ and adults 18+ with disabilities. ADRC provides many services, including translation, reading mail, filling out applications, applying for benefits, and utility rebates. ADRC can also provide information about resources in the community, assist with referrals to community programs, and provide information about housing, including low-income and senior housing.

Karen Ren


WeChat ID: MsKarenRen

Windy Ng


WeChat ID: MsWindyNg

免費為長者和殘障人士提供有關資訊和幫助,我們可以講英語,普通話,粵 語,和台山話。資訊及輔助專員專為根據您的不同需求而探索不同的社區資源 並跟相關部門進行溝通。您將會瞭解到的社區服務包括:翻譯,看信,填表, 推薦指引社區資源,低收入電費,電話,或上網折扣,申請各項相關的社會福 利,或申請低收入老人房屋等等…

Karen 任姑娘 電話: 415-202-2983

WeChat ID/微信号码: MsKarenRen


Windy Ng



Social Services

The San Francisco Senior Center offers Social Services at each location. The Social Service Coordinators are available to provide outreach, assessment, and care planning to seniors, disabled adults, and their families and caregivers. Services can address health, financial, recreational, nutritional, and legal needs.  They can assist with information and access to community resources.

SFSC Downtown Center Social Services Coordinator:

Ione Ishii, MSW,


SFSC Aquatic Park Center Social Services Coordinator:

Jill Spezzano, BSW



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